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[Stuart Wood]Stemming from an academic background, Stuart has over 18 years' experience working in the pharmaceutical industry where he managed & ran clinical trials whilst provided training & education for clinicians, nurses, scientists, administrators, sales & marketing professionals plus business managers. During this time Stuart also visited schools & universities, delivering presentations, talks & lectures on subjects from careers to clinical trials to creative workshops. His strengths are making the complex easy, communication, interpersonal skills, teams & building relationships.

Stuart combines these experiences with over 30 years playing as a drummer & percussionist in live & recording settings. He founded Waywood Enterprises Limited, a company dedicated to helping others achieve their full potential, through effective training & building self-confidence & self-belief. Stuart is also active as a STEM Science Ambassador in schools.

This site introduces you to Stuart & his various activities: his business; his leisure; his thoughts.




Stuart's Business - Waywood Enterprises Limited

[Clinical Trials & Nervous Transmission Basics for Schools, Colleges & Businesses - Waywood Training]Waywood Training delivers clear, high quality, interactive training to schools, colleges & businesses on clinical trials basics & nervous transmission basics, in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere.  Visit Waywood Training ...

[Link to Waywood Music web site]Waywood Music provides free impartial advice on all aspects of percussion & drums, plus supply of leading brands of cajon, ethnic drums & percussion at highly competitive prices to individuals, schools & organisations.  Learn more ...




Introduction to the Basics of Clinical Trials

[Introduction to the Basics of Clinical Trials for Schools & Colleges]Stuart spent more than 18-years designing, running & reporting clinical trials whilst working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. His experience is condensed into a single presentation (or a series of short presentations) made suitable for Year 8 to Year 13 students. Content of this training complements & extends the syllabuses for pure & applied sciences (such as biology, human biology, chemistry) & social science (Health & Social Care) & psychology at GCSE & A-Level. An invaluable addition to your students' education & future career decisions.  Learn more.


These Introduction to the Basics of Clinical Trials & Drug Development presentations can be adapted to suit undergraduate & post-graduate students at university.


Introduction & Basics of Pain & Nervous Transmission for Schools & Colleges

[Introduction to the basics of pain & neurotransmission for schools & colleges]This Introduction to the Basics of Pain & Nervous Transmission is very popular with schools & colleges. Stuart combines his research experience with his passion for helping others to learn & understand, showing how our bodies detect, transmit, interpret & respond to pain, along with how drugs influence the pathways to effect pain-relief (analgesia). Consolidating & extending curriculum teaching, this talk can be adapted for students from Year 8 to Year 13. Talks are custom-built around your needs. Learn more.




Clinical Trials for Non-Experts - Introduction to Clinical Trial Basics

[Stand out from the crowd]Stuart designed this one-day highly interactive course specifically for those who know nothing about clinical trials but want to learn more. So whether you're a non-scientist or a scientist with no experience, this course will give you a strong foundation in the What? Why? When? How? and Where? of clinical trials, helping you understand where they fit into a clinical research programme.  Suitable for newcomers to the Pharmaceutical Industry, members of the Medical Device Industry, Academics & anyone for whom a knowledge of the clinical trial process will enhance their job or performance. Learn more ...




Meet The Beasts - Reptile & Minibeast handling Experiences School & Business

[Inland Bearded Dragon - A Softy & a Favourite!]Stuart also has a passion for things 'creepy crawly.' He has kept many different reptiles & minibeasts (including tarantulas, praying mantis, scorpions & millipedes) for more than 25 years. You can now meet them in person, in your school, business, uniformed organisation or community group. Build self-confidence & self-esteem, bring the science curriculum to life, open your training event with a unique ice-breaker, strengthen your teams, have fun & even invite us to your birthday party or special event. All in a safe, non-threatening environment. Learn more ...




[Stuart's activities in music - playing, recording, experience]Stuart is active as a drummer & percussionist, playing live & in the studio. He specialises in World Percussion & his work covers a variety of styles, projects & audiences. He applies his passion for playing & his instruments through his retail work, where he personally chooses every instrument he sells to match the needs of you, the customer. Premium service but not premium prices. Learn more ...




[Stuart's activities as a science STEM Ambassador in schools]Stuart combines his science & business experience with his ability to make complex ideas easy to understand when he visits schools as a STEM Ambassador in Science. His talks & interactive presentations on career choices always produce an enthusiastic response from his audience. Learn more ...




[Link to Stuart's CD - Soundscapes web site]Soundscapes is the result of a  2-year recording project, requested by Stuart's audiences following performance of pieces in live settings. It is a collection of narrated & non-narrated tracks translating biblical passages into sound vistas using a wide range of percussion instruments from around the World (plus a few melodic ones). Users can provide their own narration or use music alone as a backing for dance, drama, presentations etc. Ideal for creative & performing arts. Also great for home-listening & appreciation.  Learn more ...




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